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Free mock test of PSPCL previous year exam questions asked in dec-2020. This is set 2 of Dec 2020 exam.

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PSPCL-JE Exam paper Dec-2020 Set-2

Previous year PSPCL-JE Exam paper Dec-2020 Set -2. This set contains 66 question.

This is mock test objective type previous year questions. Check your skill now.

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Voltage regulation due to the Ferranti effect may be:

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Which test is used in determining the magnetizing impedance of a transformer?

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Which of the following is a client-server protocol for transmitting files between computers on the Internet over TCP/IP connections?

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Which of the following logic gates can be used to implement the functionality of any logic gate?

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3 phase synchronous motor needs:

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A 10 kVA 500/100 V transformer has the resistance referred to primary is 0.3 0. The equivalent resistance of transformer referred to secondary is:

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Which of the following statements related to ‘C’ language is/are FALSE?

(i) Both ‘int’ and ‘unsigned int’ variables can store exactly the same range of values.

(ii) A variable in ‘C’ language cannot be declared as ‘long double’

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An ideal voltage source has source resistance.

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Buccholz relay is essential for protection against transformer’s

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The CRT display is made up of small picture elements called pixels. The ______  the pixels, the ______the image clarity or resolution of the display.

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1 KVA, 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase transformer has an eddy current loss of 30 watts. The eddy current loss when the transformer is excited by a dc source of same voltage will be

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An energy meter is:

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The net electromotive force around a closed circuit loop is equal to the sum of potential drops around the loop. This law is called as:

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Merz price protection scheme is the one from:

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It is advisable to start a DC series motor with some load to:

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A 3 phase induction motor runs at almost 1000 rpm at no load and 950 rpm at full load when supplied with power from a 50 Hz 3 phase line. The frequency of rotor voltage is:

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Which of the following property of an algorithm states that the algorithm must terminate after a certain number of steps?

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The deflecting torque in analog measurement device is:

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In earthing, salt, charcoal etc. are mixed with soil to:

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For the same voltage drop, increasing the voltage of a distributor n-times:

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Which of the following is a valid identifier name as per the naming rules of the ‘C’ language?

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Which of the following editions of the Windows 7 operating system does NOT have the Aero Glass graphical user interface?

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Shunt reactors are needed:

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A magnetizing force of 800 AT/m will produce a flux density of

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One kilowatt-hour of electrical energy is the same as

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The following difficulty of radial system can be overcome by ring system.

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Trash rack, forebay, surge tank, spill way are the terms involved with:

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Which of the following type of DC generator is most suitable as booster?

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A megger is an instrument that gives the reading in:

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Which of the following CPU registers contains the address of the next instruction to be fetched from the main memory when the previous instruction has been successfully completed?

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In IP Class-C addresses, the three higher order bits of the first octet are set to:

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A moving coil gives the full scale deflection with 15 mA and has a resistance of 5 0. The value of the resistance in parallel to enable the instrument to read up to 1 A.

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The D-type flip-flop is a modified SR flip-flop with the addition of an inverter. What does the letter ‘D’ mean?

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A Mho relay is a:

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Which of the following high-level languages supports the concepts of class and objects?

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The cross-sectional area of conductor for house wiring is usually expressed as:

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If the current through a coil having an inductance of 0.5 H is reduced from 5 A to 2 A in 0.05 s, calculate the mean value of the EMF induced in the coil.

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A 1 H pure inductor carrying a current of 3 A will store

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How many different symbols (digits/characters) are used in a base-N number system?

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The efficiency of transformer is maximum when

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In electrical wiring, the fuse should be placed:

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In an R-L-C series circuit, at resonance frequency, the voltage across the resistance is:

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Two resistors of 40 0 and 40 0 are series-connected. A wire of negligible resistance is connected in shunt across the combination. The effective resistance will be:

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A galvanometer with a full-scale current of 10 mA has a resistance of 1000 Si. The multiplying power (the ratio of measured current to galvanometer current) of a 100 fl shunt with this galvanometer is:

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Which connect the consumer’s terminals to the distribution

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A resistance, an inductance and a capacitance are connected in series. The values of R, XL and XC are 20 Ii, 301-land 10 0 respectively. The net reactance of the circuit is:

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In which of the following looping constructs of the ‘C’ language, the body of the loop is executed at least once

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The ratio of the sum of the individual maximum demands to the maximum demand of the whole system under consideration is called as:

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An over-excited synchronous motor at no load acts as:

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If the flux of a dc motor approached zero

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Who among the following was the founder of “World Wide Web”?

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Which of the following is a combinational logic circuit designed to switch one of several input lines to a single common output line?

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Which of the following logic gates provides output as 1 when both inputs are different?

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p (rho) is called as the:

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The economizer of steam turbine system is located in the:

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The three resistances of 3 0 each are connected in delta. Their value in each branch of the equivalent star connection will be

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The damping torque in a moving coil instrument is caused by:

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In a capacitor start motor if Cl is the capacitance required for best starting torque and C2 is the capacitance required for best running characteristic then:

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In a power transformer, copper losses occur in:

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The function of steel wire in ACSR conductor is to:

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The direction of rotation of a DC motor can be determined by:

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A group of related web pages form a:

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The generation of hydroelectric power does not depend on

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The AC armature winding of an alternator operates at winding voltage.

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If a memory has 10 address lines and the size of each addressable location (block) is 4 bytes, then what is the maximum storage capacity of the memory?

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A generation station has average demand and maximum demand of 48000 kW and 96000 kW respectively. If the plant capacity factor is 0.48, the installed capacity will be

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