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MOCK TEST on 8051 Microcontroller – series -2


This mock test contains 50 questions.

Free mock test on 8051 microcontroller. Check your skills and get your result after completing test.

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Mock test on 8051 Microcontroller – Series-2

This test contains 8051 microcontroller questions based on asked in previous year exam. This exam contains 50 questions.

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What is the order decided by a processor or the CPU of a controller to execute an instruction?

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After RETI instruction is executed then the pointer will move to which location in the program?

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The upper 128 bytes of an internal data memory from 80H through FFH usually represent _______

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A microcontroller at-least should consist of

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What is the meaning of the instruction MOV A,05H?

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Which of the following comes under the indexed addressing mode?

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Register that is used to holds the memory address of the next instruction to be executed is

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For writing commands on an LCD, RS bit is

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When an interrupt is enabled, then where does the pointer moves immediately after this interrupt has occurred?

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 Which is not the feature of 16-bit microcontroller?

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Which pin of the LCD is used for adjusting its contrast?

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Which operator is the most important while assigning any instruction as register indirect instruction?

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Are PUSH and POP instructions are a type of CALL instructions?

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Which of the following is the bit addressing range of addressable individual bits over the on-chip RAM?

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What is the file extension is used to load in a microcontroller to execute an instruction?

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Which operations are performed by the bit manipulating instructions of Boolean processor?

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AT89C2051 has RAM of

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 Why microcontrollers are not called general purpose computers?

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 Why is it not necessary to specify the baud rate to be equal to the number of bits per second?

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Which of the following best describes the use of framing in asynchronous means of communication?

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What is internal RAM memory of 8051 microprocessor?

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 What is the frequency of the clock that is being used as the clock source for the timer?

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 29 How many bytes of bit addressable memory is present in 8051 based microcontrollers?

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Which devices are specifically being used for converting serial to parallel and from parallel to serial respectively?

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 Which of the following is the default value of stack once after the system undergoes the reset condition?

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If we say microcontroller is 8-bit then here 8-bit denotes size of

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At what PIN number, there is EA pin which stands for External Access input?

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If we push data onto the stack then the stack pointer

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Which bit of the IE register is used to enable TxD/RxD interrupt?

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How many timers/counter 8051 16-bit microprocessor have?

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Which special function register play a vital role in the timer/counter mode selection process by allocating the bits in it?

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Which control signal/s is/are generated by timing and control unit of 8051 microcontroller in order to access the off-chip devices apart from the internal timings?

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 What is the time taken by one machine cycle if crystal frequency is 20MHz?

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How does the microcontroller communicate with the external peripherals / memory?

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Which of the following commands are used for addressing the off-chip data and associated codes respectively by data pointer?

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How are the status of the carry, auxiliary carry and parity flag affected if the write instruction


ADD A,#64H

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In 8 bit signed number operations, OV flag is set to 1 if:

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Auto reload mode is allowed in which mode of the timer?

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Which of the following signal control the flow of data?

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……….. signal control the flow of data

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What is the most appropriate criterion for choosing the right microcontroller of our choice?

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MOV A, @ R1 will:

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What is the difference between UART and USART communication?

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Which location specify the storage/loading of vector address during the interrupt generation?

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When we add two numbers the destination address must always be.

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How are the performance and the computer capability affected by increasing its internal bus width?

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Which pin of the external hardware is said to exhibit INT0 interrupt?

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JZ, JNZ, instructions checked content of _______ register

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Unlike microprocessors, microcontrollers make use of batteries because they have

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Which of the ports act as the 16 bit address lines for transferring data through it?

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This test contains 8051 microcontroller questions based on asked in previous year competitive exam.


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