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UPRVUNL JE Electrical 21-Oct-2021 Previous Year Paper Solution | Morning Shift Junior Engineer

Question 1: In circuit breakers making capacity = _____________ X Symmetrical breaking capacity.

a. 2.97
b. 1.82
c. 2.55
d. 4.12

Answer: 2.55

Question 2: Calculate the rectification efficiency of half wave rectifier if input power to rectifier is 150 W and power obtained is 90 W.

a. 60%
b. 50%
c. 40%
d. 80%

Answer: 60%

Question 3: Which of the following are types of URL?.

a. Relative and Dynamic
b. Absolute and Relative
c. Static and Dynamic
d. Absolute and Dynamic

Answer: Absolute and Relative

Question 4: Which of the following represents the terminals of a MOSFET?

a. Drain, Collector and Gate
b. Drain, Collector and Base
c. Emitter, Collector and Base
d. Drain, Source and Gate

Answer: Drain, Source and Gate

Question 5: The insulation resistance of motors and other equipment can be expressed as:

a. (30 x rated phase to phase voltage)/(1000 + 2 x rated power)
b. (30 x rated phase to phase voltage)/(5000 + 2 x rated power)
c. (10 x rated phase to phase voltage)/(1000 + 2 x rated power)
d. (20 x rated phase to phase voltage)/(1000 + 2 x rated power)

Answer: (20 x rated phase to phase voltage)/(1000 + 2 x rated power)

Question 6: Danger boards should be at a height of _________ meters from ground.

a. 1
b. 4
c. 3
d. 2

Answer: 3

Question 7: Which of the following is ferromagnetic.

a. Oxygen
b. Cobalt
c. Glass
d. Rubber

Answer: Cobalt

Question 8: According to IS 4648:1968, ceiling fans should be hung at least the floor.

a. 6.75
b. 5.75
c. 3.75
d. 2.75

Answer: 2.75

Question 9: The 8086 is a ____________ bit integer processor.

a. 20 bit
b. 8 bit
c. 16 bit
d. 18 bit

Answer: 16 bit

Question 10: Dielectric loss is proportional to:

a. Frequency
b. (Frequency)2
c. (Frequency)3
d. (Frequency)1/2

Answer: Frequency

Question 11: Which of the following is the CORRECT full form of SCADA?

a. Super Control And Data Acquisition
b. Supervisory Computation And Data Acquisition
c. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
d. Stand Control And Data Acquisition

Answer: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Question 12: A penstock is a constituent of a power plant.

a. Steam power plant
b. Nuclear power plant
c. Hydro power plant
d. Diesel power plant

Answer: Hydro power plant

Question 13: In a power sub-circuit, the maximum connected load is:

a. 6000 W
b. 12000 W
c. 3000 W
d. 9000 W

Answer: 3000 W

Question 14: CMOS generally stands for:

a. Super Control And Data Acquisition

a. Complex MOSFET
b. Conventional MOSFET
c. Commercial MOSFET
d. Complementary MOSFET

Answer: Complementary MOSFET

Question 15: Running cost of a power plant is minimum.

a. Diesel
b. Hydro
c. Steam
d. Nuclear

Answer: Hydro

Question 16: The resistance of an ideal conductor is ___________.

a. 1 ohm
b. infinite
c. 100 ohm
d. zero

Answer: Zero

Question 17: The pitch factor of full pitch alternator is:

a. 0.7
b. 0.5
c. 1
d. 0

Answer: 1

Question 18: The unit of electrostatic charge is:

a. Ampere.second
b. Coulomb/second
c. Ampere
d. Ampere/second

Answer: Ampere.second

Question 19: The given truth table is for a(n) gate.

a. OR gate
b. AND gate
c. XOR gate
d. XNOR gate

Answer: AND gate

Question 20: Which of the following does NOT represents a component of SCADA system?

a. PLC
b. Sparger controller
c. Human-machine interface
d. RTU

Answer: Sparger controller

Question 21: Which of the following is a sign of danger associated with overhead installations?

Answer: C

Question 22: The given image is the symbol of :

b. BJT
d. SCR

Answer: TRIAC

Question 23: The Curie of temperature of Nickle (in Kelvin) is:

a. 543
b. 987
c. 324
d. 627

Answer: 627

Question 24: The potential difference between the feet of a person standing in a sub station with one step during the flow of earth fault current is called :

a. magnetic potential
b. step potential
c. touch potential
d. capacitive potential

Answer: Step Potential

Question 25: For a two bus system, which of the following conditions should follow loss coefficient?

a. B12 =0.002, B21= -0.006
b. B12 =0.002, B21= 0.002
c. B12 = -0.002, B21= 0.002
d. B12 =0.006, B21= 0.002

Answer: b. B12 =0.002, B21= 0.002

Question 26: Calculate the power of a lamp if it consumes 500 J in 20 seconds.

a. 15 W
b. 25 W
c. 20 W
d. 50 W

Answer: b. 25 W

Question 27: Which of the following is used for switching and lightning surge protection?

a. Surge arrestor
b. Insulator
c. Circuit breaker
d. Relay

Answer: Surge Arrestor

Question 28: The scale of a Megger is generally ranges from _________.

a. (0 – 1000) Ω
b. (0 – 10000) Ω
c. (0 – 100) Ω
d. (0 – infinity) Ω

Answer: d. (0 – infinity) Ω

Question 29: When a bulb of 50W is connected across 200V, the energy consumed in 1 minute is ____________ Watt-sec.

a. 3000
b. 500
c. 300
d. 50

Answer: a. 3000

Question 30: A capacitive divider of ratio C2 : C1 = 149 : 1 is used to measure high voltage. If the Voltage measured across C2 is 10 V then the voltage across C1 (neglect the resistance) is:

a. 1.49kV
b. 10 kV
c. 2.12 kV
d. 15 kV

Answer: a. 1.49kV

Question 31: The decimal equivalent of octal number (145)8 is:.

a. (101)10
b. (165)10
c. (196)10
d. (353)10

Answer: a. (101)10

Question 32: Which one of the following statements is not related in case of an electric shock?.

a. give the unconscious person anything to eat or drink
b. unplug the supply
c. do not leave the unconscious person alone
d. protect yourself and pull the victim

Answer: a. give the unconscious person anything to eat or drink

Question 33: The average resistance of a human body is about:

a. 150000 Ω
b. 100000 Ω
c. 50000 Ω
d. 1000 Ω

Answer: d. 1000 Ω

Question 34: The fusing factor of a standard duty cartridge’s fuse is:

a. 1.45
b. 3.45
c. 0.45
d. 2.45

Answer: a. 1.45

Question 35: The given figure is an example of a ______ crystal.

a. Face centered cubic crystal
b. Simple monoclinic crystal
c. Body-Centered cubic crystal
d. Simple cubic crystal

Answer: c. Body-Centered cubic crystal

Question 36:Which of the following is not a anti-virus software?

a. Kaspersky
b. Norton
c. Quick heal
d. Trojan

Answer: d. Trojan

Question 37: Which of the following is the CORRECT HTML tag for the smallest size heading?

a. <h6>
b. <h1>
c. <h3>
d. <head>

Answer: a. <h6>

Question 38: CPU stands for:

a. Central programming Unit
b. Command Programming Unit
c. Central processing Unit
d. Command Processing Unit

Answer: c. Central processing Unit

Question 39: If voltage across each disk insulator in a string is equal then calculate the string efficiency of the string.

a. 90%
b. 50%
c. 100%
d. 75%

Answer: c. 100%

Question 40: Which of the following is used in the brush of DC motor?

a. Copper
b. Iron
c. Carbon
d. Aluminum

Answer: c. Carbon

Question 41: The command to copy in Microsoft Word in computer is:

a. Ctrl + V
b. Ctrl + F
c. Ctrl + C
d. Ctrl + X

Answer: c. Ctrl + C

Question 42: Determine the damping ratio of the given transfer function. C(s) = 4/(s + 19)(s + 4)

a. 9/12
b. 1
c. 13/12
d. 12/13

Answer: c. 13/12

Question 43: Which of the following is the CORRECT statement with respect to energy?

a. Energy can be destroyed
b. Energy can be stored
c. Energy can be created
d. Energy can be transformed one form to another

Answer: d. Energy can be transformed one form to another

Question 44: Carbon zinc cells is also known as:

a. Leclanche cell
b. Lead acid
c. Mercury cell
d. Alkaline cell

Answer: a. Leclanche cell

Question 45: Which of the following relation is TRUE for progressive winding of a DC machine?

a. YF = YB – 2
b. YF = YB + 1
c. YF = YB – 1
d. YF = YB + 2

Answer: a. YF = YB – 2

Question 46: A wire-gauge is used to measure :

a. Thickness of insulation of a wire
b. Length of a wire
c. Diameter of a wire
d. Resistance of a wire

Answer: c. Diameter of a wire

Question 47: In a hydroelectric power plant, which of the following is used to discharge surplus water on the downstream side of the dam?

a. Penstock
b. Surge tank
c. Condenser
d. Spillways

Answer: d. Spillways

Question 48: A moving coil instrument gives full scale deflection of 6mA when there is a potential difference of 60mV across the terminal. Calculate the series resistance for a full scale reading of 600mV.

a. 100 Ω
b. 1000 Ω
c. 90 Ω
d. 9 Ω

Answer: c. 90 Ω

Question 49: A tuned amplifier has resonant frequency 1000 kHz and bandwidth is 25 kHz. The quality (Q) factor of this amplifier is :

a. 40
b. 975
c. 1/40
d. 25000

Answer: a. 40

Question 50: There are some liquids in which a passage of electric current is accompanied by chemical changes. This effect is known as the ________ effect of electric current. :

a. thermal
b. mechanical
c. chemical
d. physical

Answer: c. chemical

Question 51: As per occupational hazards mechanical hazard is:

a. open wire
b. unguarded machinery
c. short circuit
d. current leakage

Answer: b. unguarded machinery

Question 52: Calculate the transfer function of the system shown in the given figure

a. G/(1 + 2G)
b. G/(1 – 2G)
c. 2G/(1 + 2G)
d. 2G/(1 – 2G)

Answer: b. G/(1 – 2G)

Question 53: A vacuum circuit breaker can be used in which voltage range

a. 11-33 kV
b. 22-66 kV
c. 22-33 kV
d. 11-66 kV

Answer: a. 11-33 kV

Question 54: MHSCP stands for:

a. Minimum hemi spherical continuous power
b. Minimum hemi spherical candlepower
c. Mean hemi spherical candle power
d. Mean horizontal spherical candle power

Answer: c. Mean hemi spherical candle power

Question 55: Short circuit test of transformer gives the information of:

a. copper loss
b. hysteresis loss
c. iron loss
d. eddy current loss

Answer: a. copper loss

Question 56: Calculate the slip of 4 pole induction motor if speed is 1450 rpm and supply frequency is 50 Hz.

a. 0.033
b. 0.05
c. 0.067
d. 0.015

Answer: a. 0.033

Question 57: Which of the following is a protective device?

a. Insulator
b. Fuse
c. Relay
d. Synchronous condenser

Answer: b. Fuse

Question 58: The simplified version of the expression X= (A + B).(A + C) is:

a. A + AB
b. A + BC
c. AB + BC + CA
d. B + AC

Answer: b. A + BC

Question 59: Which of the following is a semiconductor?

a. Neon
b. Carbon
c. Gold
d. Silicon

Answer: d. Silicon

Question 60: NaCl is:

a. Hexagonal crystal structure
b. Tetragonal crystal structure
c. Orthorhombic crystal structure
d. Cubic crystal structure

Answer: d. Cubic crystal structure

Question 61: Which of the following is the symbol of an isolator generally used in a sing line diagram?

Answer: d.

Question 62: Medium level language is:

a. Python
b. Java
c. C
d. C++

Answer: c. C & d. C++

Question 63: The closed loop gain of the given amplifier for R1 = 5.5 kΩ and R2 = 3.3 kΩ is:

a. 0.60
b. 2.66
c. 1.60
d. 1.00

Answer: c. 1.60

Question 64: If a signal has a time period of 25 msec, then calculate the frequency of the signal.

a. 25Hz
b. 50Hz
c. 60Hz
d. 40Hz

Answer: d. 40Hz

Question 65: Aluminum is a ____________ material.

a. Ferromagnetic
b. Ferrimagenetic
c. Diamagenetic
d. Parammagenetic

Answer: d. Parammagenetic

Question 66: Which of the following power plant required the highest capital cost?

a. Hydro power plant
b. Steam power plant
c. Nuclear power plant
d. Diesel power plant

Answer: a. Hydro power plant

Question 67: 2’s complement of the binary number (1010101)2 is :

a. (1110011)2
b. (1101010)2
c. (0101010)2
d. (0101011)2

Answer: d. (0101011)2

Question 68: The example of macro virus is

a. Michelangelo
b. CoolWebSearch
c. Zango
d. Wazzo

Answer: d. Wazzo

Question 69: 1 GB is equal to:

a. 256 MB
b. 1000 MB
c. 1024 MB
d. 100 MB

Answer: c. 1024 MB

Question 70: At a unity factor, the armature reaction of an alternator is:

a. Demagnetizing
b. Magnetizing
c. Distorting
d. Partly distorting

Answer: c. Distorting

Question 69: A/An _____________ cell is a type of secondary cell.

a. lead acid cell
b. Alkaline cell
c. silver oxide cell
d. Mercury cell

Answer: a. lead acid cell

Question 69: As per safety norms, which of the following condition should be fulfill for the selection of CORRECT capacity fuse?

a. Allow excess current flow
b. Protect fuse instead of equipment
c. Man and machine endangers
d. Protect equipment against overcurrent

Answer: d. Protect equipment against overcurrent

Question 70: At a unity factor, the armature reaction of an alternator is:

a. Demagnetizing
b. Magnetizing
c. Distorting
d. Partly distorting

Answer: c. Distorting

Question 71: To avoid a break in a circuit due to one lamp failure, which lighting circuit should be chosen in house wiring?

a. Parallel
b. A part of the circuit connected in series and rest of the part connected parallel
c. series
d. Both series and Parallel

Answer: a. Parallel

Question 72: Which of the following represents the Correct Boolean representation of the given PLC Program?

a. C(AB + D)
b. D(AB + C)
c. ABC + D
d. D(AC + B)

Answer: a. C(AB + D)

Question 73: A black body always emits maximum energy in the visible spectrum when heated to:

a. 3520 °C
b. 5520 °C
c. 6520 °C
d. 4520 °C

Answer: c. 6520 °C

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