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Questions asked in May 2019 I have created a mock test. This test paper will give you environment for you haw to solve paper.

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Free mock test of UPPCL previous year exam questions asked in may-2019 first shift.


UPPCL JE Exam Previous Year Paper May 2019

Mock test on UPPCL JE Exam asked in may-2019 first shift exam. If you are appearing in any competitive exam, Please give this mock test.

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Which of the following type of the tariff is three-part tariff?

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In relation electrical drawing, the following symbol is for


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Find a resistance value that should added in series to use the 1mA, 50ΩD’ Arsonval movement in a 10V full scale voltmeter.

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The irregularity factor for polished when is :

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In a long and medium transmission line, the phenomenon causing receiving end voltage to be

Greater than sending end voltage under no load condition is called:

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Which of the following  statements is not correct for a squirrel cage induction motor?

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What speed turbo alternators are called alternators?

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Memory chip NOVRAM is a

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For which of the following instructions are 9 bits involved in the rotation? (Microcontroller 8051)

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The reliability index of an electrical system is the expressed in which of the following forms?

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Which of the following looses are found only in the wound rotor induction motor?

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The internal diameter of the pipe electrode should not be less than ____, if it is made of cast iron.

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The maximum capacity of wind power plant does not exceeded______

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Which of the following metals cannot be used as fuse wise?

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In which topology are multiple nodes connected to a central component?

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The full load speed of a 3 phase, 50Hz induction motor is 1440 rpm. Find the number of poles.

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When two conductors have to be joined………… is used.

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In a 2-wire system, the voltage at the supply end is constant at 500 V. The line is 3 km long. If the full-load current is 120 A, What should be the booster output so that the voltage at the other end can also be 500V. Assume the cable resistance at working temperature is 0.5 W/km.

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Which of the following is a direct method of level measurement?

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Which of the following can be measured by C.R.O?

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Which of the following is not a coolant used for breeder reactor?

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Which of the following is the preferred protection for ground fault?

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Which of the following is the correct sequence of flue gas flow for a thermal electric power plant?

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What should be the system voltage in the high voltage distribution of electricity?

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In how many operating times in the case of a power plant will the plant usage factor and capacity factor be the same?

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Which of the following is static relay?

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A thermometer is calibrated from 150° C to 300° C. The accuracy is specified as ±(+/-)0.2% of span.What is the maximum static error?

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A 4-pole d.c. generator runs at 750rpm and generated an emf of 240V. The armature is wave wound and had 792 conductors. If the total flux from each pole is 0.045Wb, what is the leakage coefficient?

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What is the efficiency of Moist static- precipitation?

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Which of the following is not a part of system eclectic power plant?

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What will be the electric current carrying capacity of the cable used for the supply 240 V AC which operates on single phase 5HP motor with efficiency of 75% and 0.8 power factor?

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A 2-polar, 50Hz, 11kV turbo-generator has a rating of 60 MW, backward power coefficient 0.8. What will be the rating of the machine in MVA?

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Whis of the following is an example of energy conservation?

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In case of circuit breakers, the rate of rise of restriking voltage (RRRV) is expressed in:

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What is the number of suspension insulators required for 132 kV transmission?

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53.Which of the following is not a characteristic of an unexcited single phase synchronous motor?

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A 4-pole wave wound armature has 720 conductor and is rotated at 1000 rpm. If the useful flux is 20mWb, calculate the generated voltage.

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Which of the following is not a unit of pressure measurement?

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What are the recommonded rating for a 5A, 3pi socket outlet in estimating current flow?

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What is meant by hydroelectric energy?

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The presence of carbon as an impurity in ferromagnetic material decreases:

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Which of the following is an iron ore?

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A single-stack, 8-arc multipolar stepper motor has 6 rotor teeth. All arc are stimulated at once. Find the size of the step.

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Hybrid stepper motor has 40 stator teeth and 50 rotor teeth. Find the step angle.

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The 8051 microcontroller has ______ math flags

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IN the case of centrifugal pumps, the initial torque is approximately how much of full load torque?

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The pulverized coal boiler produce approximately ……….fly ash and…………low ash

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Multi-stack variable reluctance stepper motor are widely used to obtain step size in the range of……….

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Calculate the maximum clock frequency  at which a 4- bit asynchronous counter work reliably. Assume that the propagation delay of each flip-flop is 40 ns  and the width of the strobe pluse is 20 ns

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What is the fan out value of TTL logic?

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