[Download pdf] Top 20 PLC MCQ – Part -3

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Hi All, In this series I explained top 20 objective questions and answer. For more questions of PLC and SCADA MCQ series. Please checkout my all MCQ series on PLC and SCADA. I have created MCQ series on Basic Electronics, Power Electronics, 8051 Microcontroller, 8086 Microprocessor. #1 PLC and SCADA MCQ Series click here #2 … Read more

#4 Top 50 PLC and SCADA MCQ

Important 50 Multiple Choice Question based on PLC and SCADA Question 1: What is the full form of SCADA? Supervisory Control and Document Acquisition Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Supervisory Column and Data Assessment Supervisory Column and Data Assessment Answer: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Question 2: DCS is a ______ Distributed Control System Data … Read more


Top 10 Multiple choice questions on Programmable logic controller Question 1: The PLC was invented by. Bill Gates Dick Morley Bill Landis Tod Cunningham Answer: Dick Morley Question 2: The first company to build PLCs was. General Motors Allen Bradley Square D Modicon Answer: Modicon Question 3: Which part of plc monitors the inputs and … Read more


Programmable Logic controller Multiple choice questions Question 1: The type of memory which is fast and temporarily stores the data which are immediately required for use is called as______. a. HDDb. ROMc. RAMd. SSD Answer: RAM Question 2: What is the largest integer number that a PLC counter function can reach if it uses a 16 bit register? a. … Read more

Top 10 PLC MCQ questions asked in previous year paper

Programmable Logic controller Multiple Choice Question Top 10 PLC Programmable logic controller questions asked in various competitive exam. Please give this exam. This is free mock test and check your score. First give this exam. If your answer is wrong then check below video for detail description of question Series#1 ( Top 10 Questions ) … Read more