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Having been in the teaching profession for more than a decade, it was high time for me to set up a website. Things change, people change, platforms change, yet once a teacher, always a teacher. Well, that’s my story, and Quick-Learn is its manifestation.

The aim is to provide relevant, timely updates on government job vacancies, exam patterns, and sample test papers; basically, everything and anything related to government jobs can be found here. Additionally, I have prepared and curated learning materials based on my experience in identifying the blind spots in any concept, and devise ways to help the students learn quickly.

That’s not all, my passion also lies in electronics engineering. So you can “Quick-Learn’ the tricky concepts of electronics by going through the video playlist or the documents, which you can download for free.

Rashika Gupta

Hello All, I am Rashika gupta. I have 8+ years experience in teaching.

I am from Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh. Currently I am in Bangalore.

Please check my YouTube channel.


8+ year experience in SRIT college Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh


B.Tech – Electronics and Communication

M.Tech – Digital Communication

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