Most Important MCq on Power Electronics | Electrical Engineering

Question 1 A forward-biased PN junction acts as a/an Thyristor Closed switch Amplifier Chopper Answer : Closed switch Question 2 Leakage current flows through the thyristor in Forward conduction mode Reverse blocking mode Forward blocking mode Both forward and reverse blocking mode Answer : Both forward and reverse blocking mode Question 3 A step up … Read more

[Download pdf] Top 20 PLC MCQ – Part -3

Hi All, In this series I explained top 20 objective questions and answer. For more questions of PLC and SCADA MCQ series. Please checkout my all MCQ series on PLC and SCADA. I have created MCQ series on Basic Electronics, Power Electronics, 8051 Microcontroller, 8086 Microprocessor. #1 PLC and SCADA MCQ Series click here #2 … Read more

Top 10 PLC MCQ questions asked in previous year paper

Programmable Logic controller Multiple Choice Question Top 10 PLC Programmable logic controller questions asked in various competitive exam. Please give this exam. This is free mock test and check your score. First give this exam. If your answer is wrong then check below video for detail description of question Series#1 ( Top 10 Questions ) … Read more

Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) – It’s Block Diagram

Pulse code modulation (PCM) is a digital modulation technique by which analog signal gets converted into digital form for transmission, storage, or processing. It involves sampling, quantizing, encoding, and, if needed, reconstructing the original analog signal. Basics of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) is a digital scheme, that digitize all forms of analog … Read more

Top Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Here I discuss Top Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Q1. which Instruments measure the total quantity of electricity delivered in a particular time. ​a) Absolute​b) Indicating​c) Recording​d) Integrating​ Answer: Integrating​ Q2. Which of the following are Integrating instruments?​a) Ammeters​b) Voltmeters​c) Wattmeters​d) Ampere-hour and Watt-hour meters​ Answer: Ampere-hour and Watt-hour meters​ Q3. Resistances can be … Read more

Sampling Theorem | Sampling In PCM | Digital Communication

The sampling theorem, also known as the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, is a fundamental concept in signal processing and digital communication. Sampling is a process of converting a continuous-time analog signal into discrete-time signal. This conversion is done with the help of sampler. Sampling is the second step in Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) technique where we … Read more

IBPS Clerk Admit Card 2023: IBPS Clerk Admit Card Out, download here

IBPS Clerk Admit Card 2023: Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has released the IBPS Clerk Prelims Admit Card 2023 on August 16, 2023. credit : IBPS Clerk Admit Card 2023 Out: Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has released the IBPS Clerk Prelims Admit Card 2023 on Wednesday, August 16, 2023. Candidates who … Read more

Investigating Why Transmission line Voltage is in multiple of 11 

Why Transmission line Voltage is in multiple of 11 In this article we are Investigating Why Transmission line Voltage is in multiple of 11. So, you must have heard that this transmission line is of 11kV (11000V), it is 33kV, 22kV, or 33kV….etc. so friends, have you ever wondered why it is in multiple or … Read more

Block Diagram of Digital Communication System

A block diagram of digital communication system represents the various functional elements and stages involved in transmitting and receiving digital data. Block Diagram of digital communication system having three sections Block diagram of Digital Communication System Digital Communication-Overview Read More 1.Transmitter Section It include various functional elements such as Information Source, Input Transducer, Source Encoder, … Read more

What is transistor? Its Type working principle

What Is Transistor? A transistor is a three-terminal electronic device that regulates the flow of electrical current or amplifies electronic signals. It is typically made of semiconductor materials like Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge). It consists of three layers or regions: the emitter, the base, and the collector. Transistors are used in electronic circuits to perform … Read more

PIN Photodiode | It’s working Principle, Construction, VI Characteristics.

What Is PIN Diode? A PIN photodiode is a specialized semiconductor device that converts light energy into an electrical current. It is widely used in various applications, ranging from optical communications and sensing to medical imaging and scientific research. The unique structure and operating principle of a PIN photodiode make it a versatile and efficient … Read more

Power Electronics with 5 important questions 📋

Power Electronics refers to an multidisciplinary subject within electrical engineering that deals with the Generation, designing, controlling and conversion of power (electrical energy) into one form to another form. And also concern about How to utilized that power (electrical energy) efficiently known as Power Electronics. The purpose of Power Electronics tutorial is to introduce and give an explanation … Read more