Most Important MCq on Power Electronics | Electrical Engineering

Question 1 A forward-biased PN junction acts as a/an Thyristor Closed switch Amplifier Chopper Answer : Closed switch Question 2 Leakage current flows through the thyristor in Forward conduction mode Reverse blocking mode Forward blocking mode Both forward and reverse blocking mode Answer : Both forward and reverse blocking mode Question 3 A step up … Read more

Power Electronics MCQ serires 1

Top 20 questions of power electronics. For explanation of each answer you can watch my video Question 1: A thyristor is basically PNPN device A combination of diac and triac A set of SCRs A set of SCR, diac and a triac Answer: PNPN device Question 2: A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a Unijunction device … Read more