Most Important MCq on Power Electronics | Electrical Engineering

Question 1 A forward-biased PN junction acts as a/an Thyristor Closed switch Amplifier Chopper Answer : Closed switch Question 2 Leakage current flows through the thyristor in Forward conduction mode Reverse blocking mode Forward blocking mode Both forward and reverse blocking mode Answer : Both forward and reverse blocking mode Question 3 A step up … Read more

Power Electronics MCQ serires 1

Top 20 questions of power electronics. For explanation of each answer you can watch my video Question 1: A thyristor is basically PNPN device A combination of diac and triac A set of SCRs A set of SCR, diac and a triac Answer: PNPN device Question 2: A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a Unijunction device … Read more

Top 10 PLC MCQ questions asked in previous year paper

Programmable Logic controller Multiple Choice Question Top 10 PLC Programmable logic controller questions asked in various competitive exam. Please give this exam. This is free mock test and check your score. First give this exam. If your answer is wrong then check below video for detail description of question Series#1 ( Top 10 Questions ) … Read more