Angular – Complete Guide

In this blog I will explain all concept of Angular.


Angular is a Java Script Framework which allow us to create reactive single page application (SPA). SPA means there is only one html page but bunch of java script codes which replaces the content in page with out reload of the page.

Angular Versioning


Angular 1 is referred to as AngularJS.


There was a complete rewrite of angular framework between Angular 1 and Angular 2. Angular 2 was released on 2016. It was re written from scratch. Angular 2+ works totally different from Angular1.

Latest version of angular is now is Angular 12.


Angular is component base framework for building big application.

Angular framework include multiple tools like testing, building. Main feature of angular is CLI (Command line interface). From CLI we can create angular project, update angular versioning, create component and many more.

Angular framework is integration of multiple libraries like routing, animation, forms – Template driven forms and reactive forms, client server communication via dependency injection and many more.

Difference between Angular 1 and Angular 2

Angular 1Angular 2
Angular 1 known as Angular JSAngular 2 or coming version of angular known as Angular
Angular JS is built with JavaScript programming languageAngular is built on Typescript (Superset of JavaScript) language
Angular JS follows MVC architectureAngular follow component base architecture
No support of mobile applicationEasy to create mobile application using Angular framework
There is issue with dependency injection Angular comes with built in Dependency Injection for better performance
Controller and scopes are key component of application developmentController and Directives are key component for application deveopment.
AngularJS is less flexible and scalable than Angular Angular is more flexible and scalable than AngularJS

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