[Download pdf] Top 20 PLC MCQ – Part -3

plc and scada mcq

Hi All, In this series I explained top 20 objective questions and answer. For more questions of PLC and SCADA MCQ series. Please checkout my all MCQ series on PLC and SCADA. I have created MCQ series on Basic Electronics, Power Electronics, 8051 Microcontroller, 8086 Microprocessor. #1 PLC and SCADA MCQ Series click here #2 … Read more

#4 Top 50 PLC and SCADA MCQ

Important 50 Multiple Choice Question based on PLC and SCADA Question 1: What is the full form of SCADA? Supervisory Control and Document Acquisition Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Supervisory Column and Data Assessment Supervisory Column and Data Assessment Answer: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Question 2: DCS is a ______ Distributed Control System Data … Read more


Top 10 Multiple choice questions on Programmable logic controller Question 1: The PLC was invented by. Bill Gates Dick Morley Bill Landis Tod Cunningham Answer: Dick Morley Question 2: The first company to build PLCs was. General Motors Allen Bradley Square D Modicon Answer: Modicon Question 3: Which part of plc monitors the inputs and … Read more