Power Electronics with 5 important questions 📋

Power Electronics refers to an multidisciplinary subject within electrical engineering that deals with the Generation, designing, controlling and conversion of power (electrical energy) into one form to another form. And also concern about How to utilized that power (electrical energy) efficiently known as Power Electronics. The purpose of Power Electronics tutorial is to introduce and give an explanation … Read more

Difference between Inverters VSI vs CSI

The main difference between VSI and CSI lies in their input characteristics, output control methods, and load compatibility. While VSIs have a constant voltage input and regulate output voltage by adjusting the switching patterns, CSIs have a constant current input and regulate output current by controlling the load impedance. The choice between VSI and CSI … Read more

Power Electronics MCQ serires 1

Top 20 questions of power electronics. For explanation of each answer you can watch my video Question 1: A thyristor is basically PNPN device A combination of diac and triac A set of SCRs A set of SCR, diac and a triac Answer: PNPN device Question 2: A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a Unijunction device … Read more